Hi guys, I'm putting up for sale my '78 1675, I'm asking $3800 shipped and insured (through USPS) by wire transfer. I'd rather sell it to members from the U.S. with references. It's a very clean watch, and definitely wearable. It comes with the original black bezel. The hands look original to me as well. However some people believe that this particular dial is an early 1675 service dial, and others believe that it is original. To be safe I'm listing it as a service dial. The dial and hands have a nice creamy patina, not too yellow though. The caseback has also been replaced with a '71 caseback probably sometime during servicing along with the dial. It also has the original silver date wheel. It comes on a 78360 with 501B endpieces, and the bracelet has 11 links. The movement is very clean, and the watch seems to be keeping good time. However since I do not know the previous service history, I would recommend a check up. If you have any questions feel free to pm me! Thanks. Also the watch is located in NYC if you want to look at it personally.