A little over a week ago, I finally received my Engineer II Navigator preordered last February.

Appearance - Even More beautiful than photos convey
Style - Classic Pilot/Aviator with large Arabic numerals and bright night illumination.

Current state is unusable. Runs six minutes per hour fast. (yes, it's no typo - minutes per hour not seconds/day.. )
Sent back to Ball and received again 2 days later with same defect.
Supervisor in Switzerland contacted me. Claimed they hadn't opened the watch, but connected to a timing machine which came up with +8secs per day - which would be acceptable. He suspects could be a fault with the mainspring; this time they are opening it up.
So I hope to give a good update later; hopefully will be fixed for good and I can start wearing, but was a huge disappointment.

Note in the photo, I had syncd the watch to the second with NIST (atomic time) at 9:22.

NIST vs Ball E2Nav.jpg