Well, it's that time again. Omega graciously supplied a great hat today and it's my pleasure to offer it as the prize in our latest contest. Here it is, fresh out of the package this afternoon:

Unfortunately I have to give up on hoping for any help from my uncooperative lovely assistant. You may remember last time:

First she turned her back on my request.

Then she got upset with my recruitment tactics.

And this time, she was even more irritated about my "watch thing".

So I "hired" a new assistant. He's definitely limited to seasonal help though.

Okay, so here's how it goes. Just for entering, you get 3 tickets in the drawing. Simply PM me that you'd like to be included. If you'd like 2 extra chances, then answer these question correctly in the PM:

1) What accessory did member J.Bond purchase to go with his Omega stopwatch?

2) What did member/moderator two21b recently do to get his photo in the newspaper?

Both answers can be found with a little searching around the forum. You don't have to dig too far back to find them. Good luck, and remember that answers are via PM only! The contest will run until October 31st at midnight EST, and I'll announce the winner afterwards. CONUS shipping is included.