Hereís mine itís a Dorlin 3 hand with an A. Schild movement finished by Heuer. The rumor is that in the 50ís Heuer sold off their 3 hand movements so that they could concentrate on making chronographs. There were a lot of brands that used the Heuer movements with off brand/less know name on the dials for their chronoís too. For the three hand the most seen name was Baylor which was a store brand for Zales jewelers not all Baylor's have the Heuer movement but many from the 50ís do. Some of the Brands using their chronograph movements would be Aristo, Clebar, Tradition/sears, Zodiac, Lejour, Valjoux, and my favorite Abercrombie & Fitch and Iím sure several that I forgot. So lets see some picsÖ.