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Thread: Speedmaster Repair, in N. Cal?

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    Default Speedmaster Repair, in N. Cal?

    Hello Everyone,

    This is my first post to this forum, and I did do some searching and read the FAQ, so hopefully this is not a noob post that has been answered previously...

    With that disclaimer out of the way....here is my question.

    I have a Speedmaster Automatic, about 8 years old, that needs service. I had to do an emergency car wash on my wife's car with a high-pressure hose, and forgot to take my watch off. (A special thanks to the lazy-a** painter who left that open paint can in the back of his truck!)

    Anyway, the next day, there was some condensation on the inside of the crystal. Now, about 48 hours later...it appears to be gone, but I figure that I should have the watch checked out. Still keeping time just fine. It hasn't been serviced in about 3 years. That last service was done by Leo Hamel in San Diego, when the watch started picking up time for no reason. Since then, no problems until yesterday with the condensation.

    So, the questions are:

    1 - who would be recommended service centers in the Bay Area?

    2 - Or, should I send the watch to Omega? I am guessing that takes a LONG time and will be the most expensive option. Any thoughts?

    3 - what is the approximate cost of a typical service for these watches? I recall that my Leo Hamel repair was about $375. Is that about the going rate?

    Any feedback on my situation would be great. Thanks in advance.

    ~ Bill

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    Welcome to Watch Talk Forums! The first rule here is NO INFORMATION WITHOUT PICTURES!




    ......okay, you're new so we'll let you off the hook just this once.

    Omega has a facility in California:

    329 North Rodeo Drive
    Beverly Hills 90210 CA
    T. (310) 860-9990
    F. (310) 860-9998

    You can find their official customer service centers at this part of their website:


    As far as prices, it would all depend on what needs to be done. I'd like to have an answer but who knows if I'd even be in the ballpark?

    You can owe us the pictures.

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    Greetings and welcome!

    The following is an Omega authorized service center in SF. I had my Seamaster Pro cleaned there about 1.5 years ago, and if I recall correctly it was around $350 for the whole enchilada. They do good work....Your watch will come back looking new . Turn-around time will probably be about 2-3 weeks.

    They are located in the Shreve Building, one block east of Union Square. Best of luck to you, and please share some photos when you get your Speedy back!

    Omega Service Center
    (415) 433-2874
    210 Post Street # 802,
    San Francisco, CA 94108

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