Wrist watch in the Final Fantasy 15 movie
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Thread: Wrist watch in the Final Fantasy 15 movie

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    Default Wrist watch in the Final Fantasy 15 movie

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    I severely doubt that something like that would be available until AFTER the premier of FF-XV, which isn't until Autumn unless I'm mistaken. It would be a more significant item after the release, rather than before.
    Seiko brought out a FF watch


    for whatever incarnation of that franchise existed in June 2001, so I'd start looking there. After FF14's release, send an email to SEIKOUSA and ask them.

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    That's sweet! Different which is what I like. You might check out Microsoft on Amazon and possibly once you find the rough style on Amazon it will suggest others similar to it and just keep taking your search deeper. Eventually you'll find something close then find the source or where to buy. I like that. Good find

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