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Thread: Accutron vs Quartz

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    Default Accutron vs Quartz

    OK, Bulova experts...I never got it....why is (perhaps WAS) an Accutron "tuning fork" watch not the same as a quartz watch?

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    The escapement powers the movement itself. The tuning fork is probably the only type of movement to apply this bold, innovative idea to timekeeping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyWis View Post
    OK, Bulova experts...I never got it....why is (perhaps WAS) an Accutron "tuning fork" watch not the same as a quartz watch?

    The Accutron "tuning fork" movement was revolutionary at the time,boasting accuracy rates much better than the mechanical,automatics, and "electrics" that were the only real options in 1960.

    But compared to the quartz "crystal" watches that were introduced in the 70's their accuracy was no longer "the best"

    Quartz watches are much more accurate than the "tuning fork" movements and in addition to nearly killing off mechanical movements actually did render the wonderful "tuning fork" movement obsolete.
    I have nothing against quartz at all but at least you can put an auto or mechanical watch to your ear and hear the escapement working,and you can hear the calming (except at night) hum of the tuning fork vibrating.
    But quartz is just a mundane 1 tick/sec rhythm the same as the AA powered wall clocks that they sell at Walmart.

    Here's a fairly technical look at the Accutron tuning fork movement and it's construction.

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    Actually, most quartz crystals used in timekeeping are shaped like tuning forks. The difference is that they operate at a much higher frequency; and of course, the drive mechanism is a lot simpler.

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