Opening Watch Back of Burberry BU1351 and Gucci 126.5
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Thread: Opening Watch Back of Burberry BU1351 and Gucci 126.5

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    Default Opening Watch Back of Burberry BU1351 and Gucci 126.5

    This is my first post, I just couldn't find where to post this type of question and hopefully I'm in the right branch.

    I have replaced batteries before on several watches; some use the snap off tool, some use screws, and some others use the crab tool to unscrew the back. But these two watches are the first ones I have seen that don't seem to fall under any of them. At first I thought it was a snap off, but I cannot seem to find a notch or a tab on there.

    Is there another way to open these watches that I don't know of?


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    There are only 3 ways the back comes off. There are no screws, and no way to unscrew the back itself, so it has to pop off. And many watches have neither tabs or simply have to work the blade of a watch knife into the seam between the back and the case and twist. Some seams are tighter than others. Many watch cases have been scratched (and hands have been punctured) trying to do this. Yes I'm speaking from personal experience! And then there's getting the back replaced into the case. I have a Croton quartz where the fit is so tight, an arbor press is needed for the case back.

    For safety sake, I must recommend you let a professional do these two watches.

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