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  • REVIEW: Two Straps From Kain Heritage>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Review of Two Straps From Kain Heritage
    By: John B. Holbrook, II

    WATCH TALK FORUMS Sponsor Kain Heritage recently sent me two examples of their high-quality leather straps - the Xiran Heritage series 24mm (XH114B) and the Xiran series 22mm (XR832C) for review. For those that may not be familiar, Kain Heritage is located in Hong Kong and primarily makes watch straps for Panerai and similarly styled watches. However, they offer a wide selection of straps in many different sizes which will work for watches from many different manufacturers. Kain Heritage straps are what I would consider mid-tier in pricing, with most examples priced between $80.00 and $100.00 US. What makes them different is the sheer variety of offerings they have in leather color, stitching color, and sizes. The majority of their straps are made from cow leather, but they also have a wide selection of shark, ostrich, and a particularly impressive selection of one-of-a-kind alligator straps.

    Here's a photo of the Xiran Heritage 24mm on my Lum-Tec M27:

    Here's a photo of the Xiran Series 22mm on my Lum-Tec V1:

    As you can see, both straps are quite attractive, but also very unique in their color, texture, and stitching. Both were sent on polished pre-V style buckles which bear the Kain Heritage logo:

    I really liked the fact that both of these buckles removable via a screw which holds them in place. This makes it possible to mix and match different buckles styles with your straps.

    One way you can tell a quality strap from one that is lacking is to have a look at the underside of the strap. Here's the Xiran Heritage 24mm - the the leather texture and stitching look as good on the underside as they do on the top:

    The same quality can be seen in the Xiran Series 22mm:


    Remember that all members of WATCH TALK FORUMS receive a special 17% discount off the regular price of Kain Heritage straps, and receive the special free watch case which I highlight in the above video absolutely free. To take advantage of the special discount and free gift, simply mention your user name here on WATCH TALK FORUMS when placing your order to [email protected]. Note: limited alligator and ostrich straps are excluded from the discount offer.

    In addition to my photo review, I've prepared some video footage of both of these straps, which also shows the special gift which Kain Heritage sends to WATCH TALK FORUMS members as part of their special pricing for our community:

    If you have any interest in watch straps, you owe it to yourself to visit the Kain Heritage website and peruse their fantastic selection of unique straps.

    **Photos & Text Copyright 2011 WATCH TALK FORUMS INC. No part of this report can be reproduced outside of WATCH TALK FORUMS without the expressed permission of John B. Holbrook, II.
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