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: WTF is giving away a watch!

11-22-2014, 12:02 AM
If you haven't noticed yet, Swiss Legend has been kind enough to donate a watch to VerticalScope and we're giving it away to one of our lucky members. You can find the announcement in the Sticky at the top of The General Discussion Forum's Main Page.
This will be a Photo Contest and this Sticky is also where you will be posting your photo.

*The photo has to be one of your own creation- nothing "cut & pasted" from somewhere by someone else, like from an auction site, magazine ad, flickr, tapiture, etc.

*If you are in the habit of watermarking your photos...

please leave the marking off of the photo you submit for the contest

Since it will be used at the top of the The Watch Straps, Winders & Accessories Forum page, it goes without saying that the submission photo should be of a watch strap(s) or bracelet(s), your watch winder, a display case, or other watch accessory.

So get those creative juices flowing, sharpen your photography skills, and have fun! We look forward to seeing what you can come up with!