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: End Links for an Omega Bracelet

02-21-2012, 06:52 PM
I own an Omega Constellation, case ref. 168.029, cal. 751. The watch belonged to my father and has been sitting in a box for 35 years. The original stainless steel bracelet had been taken off, and the end links were lost. On the back of the clasp it is stamped with the number 1167 and the Omega logo. I have not been able to find reference to this bracelet or the proper end links for it. I tried talking to Otto Frei. They had no listing for it. I called the Omega Service Center in NJ. They were no help either. According to my repairman both the watch and bracelet are original. Otto Frei indicated the stamp should look like this: 1503/825 with the last three numbers indicating the end link. However, my bracelet does not conform to this format. The end piece should be 19mm.

So what do you think? Any idea what end link will fit my bracelet? And where I can find two?

Thanks for your help.


02-22-2012, 04:00 PM
Hi Chris and welcome to Watch Talk! That sounds like a very nice watch you have there. I have a couple of Seamasters that are similar. I am having no luck sourcing that bracelet number. the bracelet number you have is likely correct, we just need to find the 3-digit corresponding end piece. Could you possibly post some pictures of the watch and the bracelet? That would go a long way in our being able to help you out (plus we REALLY like pictures).:wink:

02-22-2012, 06:55 PM
Thanks for the kind words. The watch is actually out at the repair shop at the moment. When I get it back I'll be able to post some pictures. The only photo I have is of the back of the clasp that clearly shows the #1167 number without the three digit extension. So it probably won't really help.

I'm surprised people haven't documented all this minutia. I also belong to the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum (UMGF), and if you asked someone what kind of tuners were used on 1934 model someone would be sure to tell you. Collectors seem to revel in this kind of detail. I guess Omega was not known for their record keeping.