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: about to purchase and could use some advice

05-05-2020, 06:01 PM
Hi! My wife just gave me permission to spend $300 on a new watch. :)

My situation: I live outside the US and travel extensively... so I need something that isn't flashy/doesn't draw a lot of attention.

Things I need in a watch: sapphire crystal, rotating bezel

Things I want:
- Would love a GMT but at this price point, it's probably not going to happen and that's ok.
- Exhibition caseback if it's an automatic would be nice.
- I'd prefer the bezel sit above the crystal... like a dive watch. It just seems that the bezel protects the crystal to some extent.
- A "tougher" watch that can survive being knocked around a bit... nothing excessive, but I hit doorways once in a while and everything where I live is made of concrete. I have a Seiko that I like but the hardlex already has a wicked scratch in it after a few months of wear.
- Lume on the bezel.
- I think I'd like titanium as it's dull grey doesn't seem as though it would attract attention.
- I'd prefer solar or automatic but quartz is ok.
- Some of the options I've been looking at: Spinnaker Titanium Tesei SP-5061-01 (fits pretty much all my criteria but not certain how much attention it would attract), Alpina Seastrong GMT, Victorinox Inox, Citizen Eco drive Chronograph Perpetual Calendar AT4000-02E, one of the islander automatics from Long Island Watch. I'm sure there are others I'm missing.

Any help would be appreciated. Being outside the US means I can't really get to a shop to see one in person. So, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!