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: Phoibos Eagle Ray objectively it really is the best automatic watch you can buy

03-29-2019, 03:10 PM
First of all I am not saying this is the perfect watch for everyone. There are too many subjective and situational factors to make that assertion about any watch. However I am going to claim it is close to perfect in objective factors and that is what this review will be about.

I was in the market for a Swiss luxury watch when this caught my eye and I bought it instead and I have to say it is objectively the best outomatic watch you can get.
I have had it for a month now an here is my review.

First off it is sapphire crystal which is a bigg positive and is a pretty durable watch for what it is. I have banged it on a door or two but it still looks and works fine.

Second the Miyota 9015 is awesome it has kept great time and in one month I have gained one minute. I also love the smoother second hand that comes with the jig beat movement. Not to mention it is a hacking movement.

Maintenance cost: another positive to the miyota movement is that it is so inexpensive that I can use it till it gets unbearable then buy a new miyota for 90 bucks and switch them out instead of going through the hassle of having it serviced and it is much cheaper.

Fit: this starts to dip a little bit into the subjective but not much. First of all it is 41mm which seems to be a good size for most people. I was also pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the leather strap is I worry sometimes about getting lesser quality leather on a watch in this price range and a micro brand. Great band if it fits your style.

Lastly the ceramic bezel is butter smooth whithout being too loose.

Subjectively I also think the watch looks great and feels great. It won’t pass as a dress watch but I think works for most occasions like office in a polo or button down shirt and with casual attire but that is up to your opinion.

Value this watch is a steal sapphire crystal screw down crown, high beat movement, inexpensive maintenance. Hacking movement, good strap, and a smooth bezel all for 3:50. Really could not ask for anything else in a dive watch. And honestly if you are looking to buy a watch the only reason I see to not buy this is subjective reasoning like you don’t like the style or size want different features or just want a “luxury watch like omega or Rolex for your collection.”

If you like the way it looks and you want a dive watch without spending 1500 dollars or higher don’t hesitate to pull the trigger on this one.