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  1. Some Black and Whites
  2. I still can't take good pics but......
  3. I finally took a "good" pic for me
  4. Lens advice for Canon EOS 600D
  5. New Camera ?
  6. my new cam
  7. Racing!!!
  8. Jets/Colts Preseason Opener...
  9. New Zealand 2014
  10. New Rig...
  11. What's Your Gig?
  12. A fascinating weed
  13. Sunken tow boat
  14. My new camera!
  15. The 'Almost Released' Prometheus Sailfish
  16. First shot needs feedback
  17. Help me out in a Facebook pet photo contest!
  18. Bird Crazy
  19. Turkey Vultures
  20. Bali - Travel Photography
  21. Wow, serious photographers
  22. Tampa after sunset - a little bit of long exposure photography......
  23. S100 or G15?
  24. Crossing My Fingers...
  25. My sons motorcycle
  26. New gears - NEX 6
  27. Hueston Woods
  28. Clifton Gorge
  29. My First Attempt of some decent photos
  30. Show your setup!
  31. understanding exposure
  32. Lighting of the Xmas tree
  33. Took the collection for a photo shoot
  34. Making A "Home Photo Studio"..
  35. Marching Band / f2.8
  36. Just sharing a neat app for photo editing....
  37. Interesting VIDEOS for photographers......or those that would like to learn more.....
  38. Helpful EXIF viewer within your browsers.....
  39. Nikon just announced another new Full Frame body at a great price ! (D600)
  40. iPhone 5 new camera(s) & the new panorama software that's already getting high marks
  41. Professional wedding photographers, what DSLR camera do you use?
  42. Jazz
  43. Full Frame Compact?!
  44. Android Nikon Coolpic S800c
  45. Another Day AT The Bronx Zoo
  46. A Guide To Photographing Watches
  47. Tone-mapped image from one RAW file - (Quasi-HDR)
  48. Finally! The Jewelry Photographer's Ultimate Enclosure is Almost Here
  49. Holiday in Sabah - Photos
  50. Hdr?
  51. Testing for a user
  52. REVIEW: The Canon 5D Mark III>>>>>>>>>
  53. Later this year - new 'and affordable' Full Frame camera from Nikon - D600 !
  54. Rule of Thirds - My new Adidas Shoes
  55. Advice on Programs for shooting in RAW.
  56. Florida Vacation Photos Taken With My Canon Powershot S100 - Spring Break 2012!
  57. Help!
  58. My 5D Mark III FINALLY arrived......
  59. Humming birds
  60. Poor Man's Macro...
  61. Bronx Zoo Big Cats
  62. I Pre-Ordered The Just Announced Canon 5D Mark III>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  63. Sprint Cars...
  64. Chopard...
  65. New car!
  66. > > > Nikon announces D800 today < < < Impressive specs at a pretty agressive price !
  67. Model Shoot From Photo Pro Expo 2012>>>>>>>>
  68. Help with a macro lens
  69. This Is CertainlyWatch Related - Rolex 24 at Daytona
  70. Tone-mapping of a single JPG image in Photomatic Pro 4.1
  71. If you take a lot of pictures and you are person 'on the go', you should read this...
  72. Just having some fun with iPhone4 and Camera+ 2.4 - or some of my fav. phone pictures
  73. Absolut-ly Drenched
  74. Adobe Lightroom 4.0 BETA Now Available For Download>>>>>>>>>>>
  75. Oloneo HDR engine....
  76. REVIEW: The Canon Powershot S100>>>>>>>>>
  77. iPhone - no bokeh ? No problem ! ;)
  78. __BIG Cats , anyone ??___Part II_____
  79. Good bye old friend
  80. Autumm in Vancouver BC
  81. Mandarine orange chicken over Chocolate linguine
  82. Colorful sunset at SEDONA, AZ
  83. Big Cats anyone ??
  84. Have you ever taken a blurry picture (Part 2 hardware)
  85. Exciting news ! ! ( least to me)... > > > Canon Powershot S100 Preview < < <
  86. Have you ever taken a blurry picture? (Photoshop related)
  87. First Test Pic With the iPhone 4s>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  88. Vintage & Retro Watches Issue
  89. Blue Ridge Parkway
  90. Had some GREAT fun in the back yard with our dogs this past weekend>>>>>>>>
  91. I tried a pretty cool technique (zoom-panning) and came up with this > > >
  92. Suggestions Please
  93. Photos From Reno, Nevada>>>>>>>>>>>
  94. Photos From Lake Tahoe and Rancharrah>>>>>>>>
  95. Some Macro Help Needed
  96. Point & Shoots - what is your backup?
  97. Photos From The 2011 Humane Society of Greater Dayton “Doggy Dive Festival">>>>>>>
  98. Photoshop Elements or CS5
  99. Camera Perfection
  100. The wife and kids>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  101. The wife and kids>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  102. I like it dirty !
  103. Despeckling/Smoothing Software
  104. Posting larger images!
  105. That Explains It: Canon vs. Nikon Debate Linked to Self-Esteem ! ;-)
  106. Flying critter visit...
  107. Cloud formations with deep colors
  108. watch photos
  109. Some Amazing Quality iPhone 4 Photos>>>>>>
  110. Help !!! Oh help !!!!
  111. Self-Portrait!>>>>>>>>>
  112. Inexpensive light tent
  113. Underwater pictures from W. Palm Beach dive trip - photo intensive!
  114. Camera Advice?
  115. ....a few pictures from our colorful sunset tonight - Gulf Of Mexico.......
  116. Anmazing panorama creator
  117. falling in love with vintage
  118. A Review of the Manfrotto MKC3-H01 Compact Tripod>>>>>>>>>>>
  119. Some photos of my 2011 335i in Downtown Dayton>>>>>>
  120. Some HDR Experimentation Using Oloneo PhotoEngine>>>>>>>>>>
  121. Prometheus Ocean Diver Chronograph
  122. Some HDR Photos Using Oloneo PhotoEngine v.1.0>>>>>>>>>>>
  123. Free Photo Software
  124. Some photos of a watch with T100 tubes dials 'and' SuperLuminova bezel
  125. Equipment Questions...
  126. Looking for a 200 million-pixel resolution?? Look no further....
  127. Fortuitous
  128. Some of my watch photography (my introduction)
  129. Some Recent Watch Photography Work From My Studio>>>>>>>
  130. Visiting Batang Ai National Park, Sarawak - Photo Heavy
  131. Tethered Product Photography Using The Canon 5D Mark II>>>>>
  132. Trying to post photos .....
  133. How do I get photos from one site to this one ?
  134. A Long Time Ago in a Place Not That Far Away .........
  135. Experimenting With Different Backgrounds For Watch Photography>>>>>>>>
  136. colorful sunset
  137. Some Photo Taking Fun With My Rolex Submariner>>>>>>>>>
  138. Rollei for iphone4
  139. Microsoft ICE + Oloneo + Noiseware Professional - Having fun with low cost software
  140. It's Autumn down here.... making the most of the last mild weather
  141. I hope you don't mind a little point and shoot love!
  142. Do you guys like cameras? moved from Germans
  143. Any of you guys are using Adobe Lightroom ???..If yes, this is pretty big !!
  144. Speaking of Oloneo, I had to play with it today a little.....
  145. My Fisrt Video with effects, transitions etc. (for now.....created from still images)
  146. Palm Springs Golf Photos>>>>>
  147. Oloneo FINALLY Announces Release Date & Pricing on PhotoEngine v1.0>>>>>
  148. Sorry Nikon Guys...Canon Rules in Sales Numbers>>>>>>>>
  149. Just Had My 5D Mark II Serviced by Canon Through The CPS Program>>>>>>>
  150. Pics that surprised me
  151. A Review of Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 By OnOne Software>>>>>>>>
  152. Just got JBHII's book
  153. Going to pull trigger on a Canon 550D
  154. Our Palm Springs Ariel Tram Adventure>>>>>>>>>
  155. My First Impressions of the New Canon EF 70-300 f/4-5.6L IS>>>>>>>>>
  156. Hiking in Indian Canyons, Palm Springs California>>>>>>>>>
  157. First try with lume shot
  158. One simple shot that I enjoy very much
  159. Added a white tile to my photobox.
  160. A few pictures of some very, VERY fast airplanes________________ > >
  161. D7000 35mm/1.8 An Afternoon in the Neighborhood
  162. Huge Sunflare explosion captured with my phone camera......
  163. Tamron AF 90mm f/2.8 Di SP Macro Lens
  164. Here's what an iPhone 4 and a little Photoshop can do>>>>>>>
  165. What do you use to stabilize your watches?
  166. View from the top........"Victoria Peak".....and other HKG & BKK pictures...
  167. Spring is close
  168. First photo shoot from a newbie
  169. Having dinner in 'Bangkok Dangerously" high from the ground ;-)
  170. Neophyte Watch Lover Old School Watch Photographer
  171. Looking for some simple intuitive video creating software (PC not Mac)
  172. testing
  173. VIDEO: My Lighting & Equipment Used For My Photography & Video Making>>>>>
  174. Italian Flair!
  175. Let the canon 5d mark ii & 1d mark iv cameras roll
  176. A night stand shot: "His & Hers"
  177. Gading National Park
  178. Finally got a chance to try out my Canon 50mm 1.8
  179. A few of my photos (potential modem burner)
  180. Review of the GrippIt Tripod Mount For Mobile Devices>>>>>>
  181. Merry Christmas !!
  182. Practicing Some Photo Stacking Techniques, Part III>>>>>
  183. Cruisin'............
  184. Practicing Some Photo Stacking Techniques, Part II>>>>>
  185. Practicing Some Photo Stacking Techniques>>>>>
  186. Great accessory for us iPhone 4 shutter bugs!>>>>>>>
  187. Hey folks what do you say...."Do I have a chance of becoming a model" ??.....;-)
  188. if you are a fan of Oloneo...a new version is available....
  189. Cheer up guys, it's nearly summer for some of us....
  190. Tired Cowboys
  191. Ordered: Canon 50mm 1.8 II
  192. new Jazz pic
  193. strategy
  194. Looking for a nice, FREE alternative to Photoshop?
  195. A Great Resource For Watch Photography>>>>>
  196. Canon G9 still a great shooter
  197. "What Your Choice of Camera Says About You"
  198. Having fun at work..........Venturing a little bit into FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY......
  199. Canon S95 as watch shooter
  200. Seguin
  201. This is a pretty cool rig I spotted while watching the baseball game...
  202. My Fall Golf Trip To Grand Rapids, MI>>>>>>
  203. Wings Over Atlanta Air-Show - 150+ pictures of aircraft!!!!
  204. Maybe I'm crazy - I bought a new camera instead of a watch....
  205. Canon has a VERY cool video filmed using the new EF 8-15 f/4L on their website>>>>>>
  206. Anyone use a Polarizer filter?
  207. Wow! Pocket Wizard gave me a nice "shout out" on their Company Blog>>>>>
  208. If you are shooting Nikon and use iPhone (iPad or iPod touch).........
  209. Playing With Lighting & Remote Triggers In My Watch Photo Studio>>>>>>
  210. Motorcycle Trip on M-22 in Michigan
  211. Cumberland Lake Kentucky
  212. Played with some HDR on a Cayman Sunset shot
  213. Dipping My Toes Into True Studio Lighting>>>>>>>>
  214. Another camera bag ;-)
  215. Using Digital Camera's around lasers
  216. Dawn 9/9/2010 6:23am
  217. Some news from Nikon ------ D90 replacement - D7000 is here and I like it !
  218. Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943
  219. First Look at HDR on iOS 4.1>>>>>>>
  220. On My Way To Easy Street...
  221. Hurricane Earl (or what was left of him)
  222. Right place at the right time
  223. Suggestions for a new lens
  224. Photos From Downtown Dayton>>>>>>>
  225. Vintage rangefinder, anyone ?
  226. ..... is it possible to apply HDR /tone mapping effect only to a certain layer ??
  227. Some help/suggestions please....
  228. Excited about the new macro / portrait lens - AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED
  229. The Summer of 2010...
  230. iOS 4.1 To Be Released Next Week & Will Have A New HDR Feature>>>>>>>
  231. Some Car Pics (murderous amount)
  232. Landscapes from Padang in Sumatra
  233. Canon release the S95
  234. First HDR attempt
  235. Photos From the San Diego Wild Animal Park>>>>>>
  236. I found some old pictures I took
  237. Canon New Product Announcements!!!!!
  238. A Day at the Cincinnati Zoo>>>>>>>>>>>
  239. Canon 5200mm lens....
  240. Canon develops new 120MP sensor..
  241. Moon 08.23.10
  242. A photo shoot in my watch photo studio>>>>>>>
  243. Any WIS more interested in film than digital photography?
  244. Cruisers...
  245. Last roll of kodachrome
  246. Thinking of getting a "Nifty Fifty"
  247. I finally did a photo shoot with a real, live person>>>>>>
  248. Everybody has a lightbox as of now!
  249. A Review of Plug-In Suite 5 From OnOne Software>>>>>>
  250. Trying HDR with an Aminal in shot