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  • TRAVEL REPORT: Little Treasury Jewelers Watch & Watch Winder Event In Baltimore, MD

    Little Treasury Jewelers Watch Event in Baltimore, MD
    By: John B. Holbrook, II

    Last month, I attended Ballfest 2011, and had the distinct pleasure of meeting Steve Hammalian of Little Treasury Jewelers. Steve has been an advertiser in our Ball Forum for a couple of years now, and it was fantastic to finally put a face with the email address. Steve told me about a special Watch and Watch Winder Event that Little Treasury was holding in November, and asked me if I could attend. So on Friday, November 4th I flew out to Baltimore to attend what turned out toe be an absolutely spectacular event.

    Here's a photo of Steve and Linda Hammalian in front of their store. Linda has wealth of experience in the jewelry retail industry, and Steve is a watch nut from way back....they make quite the "dynamic duo" when it comes meeting the needs of both their jewelry and watch customers.

    Little Treasury has an impressive span of luxury watch brands which they carry:

    Quite a nice selection of Mühle-Glashütte:

    Little Treasury has a particularly impressive inventory of Ball watches:

    The Ball counter saw strong activity during the event - Ball Watch USA President Jeff Hess attended the event and is pictured here helping Steve close some sales:

    Bremont is a relatively new name here in the US, and this UK brand is quickly developing a strong, passionate following:

    I really like the propeller rotor on this limited edition model:

    One of the most passionate Bremont fans in the US made it in to Little Treasury and couldn't resist adding one to his collection:

    Little Treasury also carries Perrelet - here's a nice selection of whimsical spinning dial watches which are really quite captivating:

    Here's a photo of Perrelet USA President Michael Goldstein showing some product to a Little Treasury client:

    One of the most interesting brands which Little Treasury carries is Towson. I was very fortunate to be able to meet and speak with Mr. Hartwig Balke, President of Towson Watch. Towson is a US brand which makes extremely fine time pieces - here's a photo of Mr. Balke:

    I cannot be held responsible for drool damage to your computer should you continue to look at these photos (which don't do the watches justice in my opinion):

    Little Treasury doesn't just sell watches and jewelry - they provide after sale service too. Here's a photo of their staff technician:

    Outside, Orbita was set up with their famous "Orbita Roadshow" to showcase their watch winders:

    Inside, my friend Kevin Williams and co-worker Donna Conklin showed event attendees some examples of the fantastic winder products which Orbita produces:

    Little Treasury had some great celebrity guests stop by the store over the course of the event, including NFL Football Player (Washington Redskins) and watch fan Darrel Young:

    *photo by Martin Evans

    Little Treasury also sponsors Ms. Maryland Carlie Collela:

    As part of the event, Little Treasury in conjunction with Ball Watch USA presented Ms. Maryland with a gorgeous ladies stainless steel Ball Watch:

    Here's Ball Watch USA President Jeff Hess and Ms. Maryland Carlie Collela:

    I don't often get involved in the retail side of the watch industry, but the Little Treasury Jewelers Watch & Watch Winder event was a fantastic event and a huge sales success for the store. If any retailers out there would like some tips on how to do store event marketing right, they really should look up Steve Hammalian. And if anyone out there is anywhere near the Baltimore area, they should definitely make time to visit Little Treasury Jewelers-a great store with even better people. Many thanks for letting me be part of the event!

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